STOPGAPS is the result of a two-year long project which saw me documenting the strange world of interior public architecture; places of transit, places where we work and wait.

With these evocative photographs of shopping centers, airports, service stations and public institutions I set out to create beauty and resonance in areas which are traditionally associated with a distinct lack of aesthetic charm. Blurring the distinction between the banal and the sublime, these enigmatic examples of contemporary landscape, invite the viewer to reassess the meanings these types of locations have in our daily culture.

In this series of photographs, the structural elements that are designed to regulate the sense of space and movement within these public areas start to create meanings which have more to do with light, colour, texture and geometry than actual social or functional purpose.

Essentially this exhibition showcased a subjective transfiguration of our daily culture, and the anonymous places where life is acted out, from the mundane into the strangely picturesque.

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